To be a part of an established brand like Rexello, and be instrumental in its growth, has been one of the greatest joys that life had to offer me. With every new design conceived, and taken to fruition, the desire to create more and more, kept growing. It was like a habit, which I just could not shake off, and in the bargain, Rexello kept adding to its range of internationally accepted products The thrill of crafting a new castor wheel, or a new trolley, has been indescribable.

I have been fortunate enough to have the resources, in terms of manpower, machines, and the acumen to keep innovating and develop even more the vast range of Rexello castors. Every Rexello product is carefully engineered to meet the requirement of the intended application.

We strive real hard to keep our products competitively priced in order to offer the best in terms of quality and cost to our esteemed clientele.