As I sit down to pen my thoughts, my memory takes me back to the time, when Rexello was just a concept in my mind. There was no factory, no machines, no clue as to how a castor is made, but the burning desire to create pushed me forward, and with divine help always just a prayer away, the hurdles never seemed too difficult to surpass.

Taking a look over my shoulders, I see behind me, five decades of achievements. From 1958 till date, the journey has been exhausting, but extremely gratifying. A lot has happened over this fulfilling duration, as new designs were developed, new markets were conquered, new peaks scaled all this done with the sole objective of creating a world class product, which would have universal acceptability. We gave it our best shot, and aided by the Almighty, and the goodwill of our customers, we marched on.

My family and I have endeavoured over the years to harness quality, create customer delight, and offer value-for money products, which should fulfil most, if not all material handling needs.