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About us

Rexello Castors P. Ltd. – the story behind it all.

When Rexello began the manufacture of castor wheels way back in 1958, little did it realize that it would one day be catering to the needs of customers in USA, UK, Australia, Middle East., Africa,  Sri Lanka – not to mention the unending demands of the vast Indian Market.

From a small workshop measuring about 200 square feet, to the present day 40000 sq.ft, where castors, wheels and trolleys of almost any size, any type and suitable for any application, take birth every day amidst modern, state of the art-technology, Rexello very humbly states that they have made a small contribution to the world of material handling equipments.

The early years were not easy, as most castors were imported and as such the application of castors for material handling in India was limited. As years rolled on, the art of castor manufacturing grew, and Rexello, never one to be left behind, kept pace with the world and imbibed the latest manufacturing methods to create a world class product. Along with the improvements in technology, Rexello created a need for castors in the mind of the Indian consumer and the market expanded.

With stability came innovation, and the Rexello range of trolleys was born. Forward integration became a passion for the management and Rexello started diversifying. Platform trolleys, sack trucks, drum trolleys, conveyor rollers, ball transfer units, door runner trolleys, door tracks and more, became part of Rexello’s vast product range.

With the world getting smaller thanks to advances in networking and markets getting closer, newer territories came about and better castors were designed to meet the new demands. Be it the Aviation sector, the hotel industry, the hospitals, the automobile factories, supermarkets and more, Rexello made a quality product for each industry, and the Rexello bandwagon rolled on - gathering momentum in each of its 52 years of being in business.

The Rexello range boasts of over 10000 castors to suit almost any application, a load carrying capacity ranging from 10 kgs. up to 10000 kgs., and a vast choice of wheel material suitable for almost any surface

An established reputation, internationally acclaimed quality, and a brand now synonymous with castors, Rexello, subtly, but with brimming national pride, proclaims to the world, ‘Rexello – the name that carries weight’.



Rexello Castors Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way since its inception in 1958. India's first castor manufacturing company to obtain an ISO 9001 certification, Rexello has grown in strength and magnitude every year, relying on its reputation as a quality product manufacturer, so much so, that the 'Rexello' brand is now synonymous with castors and wheels.

Quality at the right price & at the right time.....

Rexello's products are pure value for money, as most of its customer vouch for. A range to envy, a customer profile to admire, we proudly proclaim to the world: "Rexello - the name that carries weight."
Board of Director's

Mr. Amir Ali Merchant

  • Founder of the company – Currently CEO of Rexello Castors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Was the first to introduce indigenous castors in India
  • Was the first to export castors of Indian origin
  • 50 years of experience in the art of castor manufacturing

Mr. Tanvir Merchant

  • Second in command – Technical Director  and  Head of operations
  • In charge of all R&D of the company
  • 35 years of experience

Mr. Yasin Merchant

  • Director Finance – Also handles the Marketing Portfolio
  • 15 years of experience with the company
  • MBA from Strathclyde University - Scotland
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