Rexello products are available directly from the company and also from Rexello dealers across the country (contact details mentioned in the Contact Us section of the website.
You can ask him to show you the ‘Authorised Dealer’ Certificate issued by Rexello, or else you can ask for the telephone number of our head office and speak to a representative verifying the credentials of that particular dealer. All Rexello products will carry the Rexello name, either printed or embossed on the product.
You need to look at the following things before selecting the castor Load Carrying Capacity: The load that you need each castor to bear Floor type: This will help you in selecting the right wheel material in terms of durability Height required: you should know the distance between the floor and the application (e.g. trolley) to help you decide on the wheel diameter Top Fixture: Fitting the castor on the application can be done via a top plate, a king pin, a threaded pin, a solid plug or just a blind hole type of fixture.
Most Rexello products are packed in corrugated cartons, wooden boxes, delivery sacks, or sold loose, depending on the size and variety of the castor/trolley.
The normal business practice is 30% advance whilst placing the order and balance against pro-forma invoice or against delivery.
Rexello insists on inspection before taking delivery in order to avoid future complications.
Rexello offers a lifetime warranty against a manufacturing defect if mutually agreed, or else a one year warranty on its products under ideal conditions. (refer to Warranty section in the website)
Castors don’t normally wear out uniformly and you could have the rubber wheel of any one castor wearing out faster than the other. Just by changing one could make the entire unit (e.g. trolley) unstable and unsafe for use. Also different castor manufacturers may have different models varying in shape and sizes. Hence an entire set must be changed to bring uniformity and stability amongst the castors.