Rexello, as an institution is the perfect mix in terms of capacity to cater to your needs of mass production along with handing you personalized services. No matter what you need – in terms of castors, wheels, trolleys or even our allied developments, we have the correct product for you.
This website and the Rexello App (available on the App Store and the Play Store) are designed to help you select the most appropriate Rexello item. There are certain aspects that the client should take into consideration while selecting the product:
- The load carrying capacity required.
- The surface on which the product is going to be used.
- The piece of equipment or furniture the product is going to be attached to.
- The environment in which the product will be used.
- Diameter of the wheel and height of the product required.
Along with these considerations, an option of swivel or fixed castors is also available for almost all standard items. Castors will not roll and swivel easily unless they are optimum in size for the load they are meant to carry. For instance, 1" Castors (25 mm) should only be used on light-weight, seldom -used equipments.
If under certain circumstances, further clarifications and recommendations are required, the client can contact the company via email, where one of our staff will take advantage of our years of experience in designing and testing castors and will recommend a product based on your specific need.