From Rexello come most of india's finest castors. We have always developed castors that exactly suit the particular need of specificindustries.
Rexello is big enough to have the capicity & resources for production, yet small enough to give you PERSONALISED service. No matter what your need - in castors, wheel and allied products - We have the right products for you.
This brochure is designed to help you select the most appropria Rexello Castors & wheel. Take advantages of our years of experience in designing and testing castors for specific operating conditions and equipments most of the problems.
astors will not SWIVEL properly unless they are mounted vertically and stay, mounted squarely or else they will track to One Side
Castors will not roll easily unless they are big enough for the load and floor conditions.1" Castors (25 mm) should only be used on light-weight, seldom -used equipments. Even 4" castors (100 mm) are only useful on smooth floors. Any trolley wheeled quickly, or on uneven floors, need 5" castors (125 mm) or larger. The heavier the load, the larger the wheel. Hard treads roll most easily on smooth floors, but may damage them and are also hard to roll over obstructions.